The journey of several WMHS employees as they get ready for a 5K!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I have been neglecting my duty as  a blogger, but fortunately I haven’t neglected my running. Just to bring everyone up to speed, I did complete the GAR 5K this past October. My time was 25:59, which certainly isn’t a great time in the world of running, but I was pretty satisfied with it. I have ran in two more 5Ks since October. Both the runs were holiday themed with the Turkey Run in Westernport, MD on Thanksgiving Day and the Jingle Run in Fort Ashby, WV the week before Christmas. They were a lot of fun! In both cases my times were about a minute off of my GAR time. I wasn’t surprised since I had only been running about once to twice a week from October through the end of December, but at least I was still running.

During 2013, I learned a lot about running. I had a great coach (thank you Shauna McQuade!). Most importantly, I learned that once you attain a better level of fitness the base that you build actually continues to hang around. What a nice surprise!  The more you do the higher level of fitness you achieve. It just makes sense that fitness is good for you. I am becoming a believer!

My journey has been interesting. I started running in April 2013 and I have to tell you I could only run for about 2 minutes and I would  have to walk for a few minutes. Gradually, I was able to stretch the run for 3 minutes, 4 minutes and so on. Finally, one day I could actually complete a mile without stopping. Oh, what a happy day with that accomplishment! It is the little things isn’t it?

Roll the calendar forward to the end of the year and here is what I have accomplished. I have ran in three 5K races, finishing all of them somewhat respectably, and here is the statistic that I am most pleased with. From April  to the end of December, I have ran 239 miles and walked 42! Again, this isn’t really a lot of mileage for those who are really into running, but I am pleased. I literally have been pretty much sitting on the sideline and have been mostly inactive for a few decades. Yes, you heard it right, I have been not doing much in the arena of fitness for about 20 years other than intermittent splurges that I didn’t continue. Isn’t that sad?  I am not proud of it, but I have began to turn it around. I feel good and have lost some weight.  This stuff has to be good for you. 

What are you doing? For those of you sitting on the sideline, you can do this. It is a journey, so don’t expect a star performance when you start and yes, it will hurt, you will be sore, tired and you will want to stop, but don’t. Just start!  We have many programs at the Western Maryland Health System to help you improve your overall health and wellness status. Take advantage of them and get started.  Don’t let this be another year of resolutions that  are nonstarters.  No one can do this for you. Get started taking care of you! Good luck to you in the New Year as you strive to remake you! You’ve got this!


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