The journey of several WMHS employees as they get ready for a 5K!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

WMHS Employees Continue to Run for the Health of It!

Before last years 5K  training course, WMHS employee Dennis Everett considered himself lucky to finish a quarter mile run. After weeks of training and handwork, Dennis finished first in his age group for the Great Allegany Run and was hooked on running. He has continued training and will be running a full marathon this Saturday! 

Below is what Dennis had to say about last year's course and his upcoming marathon. 

The 5K course was fun and informative, taking lessons learned in a classroom setting and applying them on the track. We started with walking, then jogging for a short time and repeating. As each week went by just a little more was added, eventually we were running a mile and further. The class began at the end of July, I ran my first 5K in August just to see if I could finish and did so in less time than expected, I was hooked. I placed first for my age group during the Great Allegany Run 5K. The faster runners were either running in the 15K at the same time or encouraging loved ones in the 5K. The post-race class included suggestions on how to continue so I kept on running.

I saw an invitation to join a beginners group to train for the inaugural Queen City Marathon. I thought this was a nice coincidence as it would be my first marathon and signed up. The training is 18 weeks with individual and group runs. A foot injury at the beginning of the year put running on hold for four weeks and left me with many doubts. With plenty of encouragement from fellow runners, I have been able to continue with the training. The longest runs of the training are done as the marathon is on March 29th. As I look forward in anticipation, I have to pause, 26.2 miles, eight months ago I was lucky to finish a quarter mile.


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