The journey of several WMHS employees as they get ready for a 5K!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

We did it!

We did it!  We had a great time on Saturday at Katie’s Run at New Germany State Park on June 7th!  “The Hill” was actually worse than I anticipated – I heard someone say it was a half mile incline – it felt more like an entire mile-maybe more!  I had to stop and walk several times but I kept going!  And we did it!  The weather was beautiful!  The park was incredible!  The view during the run was amazing!

My greatest joy of the day was running with my son, Jeremy, and knowing my husband, John, and daughter, Olivia, were waiting at the finish line!    Others within our Clinics and Practices group were able to share the race with family as well!  Cathy Moreland ran with her granddaughters, Jessa and Jayla.  Dale Ann Howes ran with her sons, Derek and Derian.  Fitness is more fun with family!

Kudos to all who participated in the 5K Prep Class. We grew in many ways as individuals and as a group coming together to achieve the same end result.  Special thanks to all of those within the WMHS Wellness Center – Nancy Forlifer and her entire group – for making this an opportunity we can achieve as a WMHS team. Special thanks also for our moral support from our 5K alumni members who ran with us!   The sea of blue WMHS shirts was inspiring! Special thanks to our awesome running coaches!  We learned so much from Shauna, Janie, and Connie; each with their own uniquely sweet personalities sharing their own techniques to help make us successful in our journey; a journey that’s far from over.

“Running along our journey doesn’t only teach us how to keep moving forward through what life throws at us, it also makes us into the best version of ourselves.”
~ Ashley Erickson, freelance fitness writer/editor.

Amy Campbell 

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