The journey of several WMHS employees as they get ready for a 5K!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Introducing Amy Campbell

I’m really excited to be a part of this season’s 5K Prep class to learn more about how to train properly for a 5K.  I had the honor of running our Great Allegany Run 5K this past October with my son, Jeremy.  I really wanted to participate in the first class but Jeremy’s football schedule and Olivia’s swim classes kept us extremely busy.
But that’s ok – here I am participating in this new round of classes!  I am so glad WMHS is doing this program again and continuing to participate in 5K events so we can be positive role models to our community.  When our first class took place, our running coaches posed the question as to why we would choose a running class.  Why run?  Everyone had great answers – from wanting to get into shape, obtaining better health, or they’ve run in the past and want to run again.  For me, well, it all started back in the mid-70’s.    We used to live in the Cresaptown area and my dad would take my sister and I to a reservoir area to just run, skip, and play around.  Sometimes, just dad and I would go and we would run laps around the reservoir or he would let me win races as we ran as fast as we could up and down Oakview Drive.  Dad just made everything fun and simple even if life at that time was not.  Dad is one of my heroes.  As a former Kelly Springfield Tire builder, he was often unemployed.  He never let that stop him from taking care of his family.  He would work tirelessly at odd jobs until something more permanent would come along.  Throughout the years, Dad easily worked 60-70 hours a week –without complaint – and still had fun.  He would still accept a challenge from me to race up and down our little side streets.
So that’s where it all began.  I want to be like Dad.  Run and have fun, facing challenges no matter what life puts in my path.  So why choose a running class?  I want to get back to when life reminded me of many fun times, to be a positive role model for my children and show them that you can have fun in life by doing something that does present a challenge.  If you don’t push yourself, how will you ever find out what you are capable of?  I’m proud to say that my husband, John and I along with our kids are avid bike riders; Jeremy, Olivia, and I have done Junior City Striders for the past 3 summers; Olivia is a member of the Cash Valley Cougar’s Running Club; and Jeremy has agreed to join me again in our next 5K – Katie’s Run.
While dad never ‘runs’ like he used to due to various health issues, he still goes strong and faces every challenge with the same gusto he had racing up and down Oakview Drive.

Amy Campbell


(Left Pic of me, my dad with my sister heading out on a walk to the reservoir in Cresaptown.)

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