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Monday, May 5, 2014

You Can Make Running Fun

One of my all time favorite shows is Friends.  I watch it all the time; and without a doubt, my husband and I can quote nearly every line.  One of my favorite episodes is the one where Rachel and Phoebe decide to run together.  As you can see, Phoebe runs with great enthusiasm with arms and legs flailing, much to Rachel’s public embarassment.  It makes the viewer wonder what has possessed Phoebe until she explains to Rachel “You should run like you did when you were a kid!  It’s the only way its fun.  Don’t you remember running so fast you thought your legs would fall off or running toward the swings or away from Satan?  The neighbor’s dog.”  Her  take away message – run like a kid, have fun and don’t worry what others might think of you.

You may not see me running like this in our 5K Prep class but on the treadmill at home – that might be a different story.  Everyone I talk to asks, “How can you run on a treadmill? It’s so boring.” Not having the safest road to run on, my treadmill is really my best option most days.  Plus,  I don’t always run on the treadmill.  While this will raise eyebrows and invoke several eye-rolls from my kids, I skip, hop, do high-knees, or walk backwards on the treadmill.  I sometimes run on the highest incline for a period of time or sprint at a faster pace.  Anything to make a run more fun, break up the monotony, plus make it a little more challenging even if my kids are watching and reacting as if publicly embarrassed.

-Amy Campbell

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